New Zealand Keno Results

Keno Results

Draw: 18133
Saturday, February 15, 2020

Every type of gambling has its own background. It definitely brings additional interest for players who like to study in detail everything that is related to the chosen entertainment. Modern online minimum deposit casinos in NZ offer a variety of games, which include both new and classic options. And Keno remains one of the most interesting choices — both in terms of its history and gameplay.

According to legend (why not?), Keno first appeared in ancient China. The lottery was organized by the government to raise the missing money for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Well, judging by the results, Keno has done its job perfectly — and also managed to become one of the most popular gambling games, both in New Zealand and in other countries.

How to play online Keno

Many people are probably familiar with the basic principles of the lottery. Even if you've never opened NZ online casino sites, the name Keno will be something familiar to you, since the results of the draws are regularly published in newspapers and on TV. However, the version offered by leading gambling sites has the key advantage — you can win real money in Keno at any time and in any place!

Simple rules, huge jackpots and instant results updates. All this makes online Keno similar to the classic NZ pokies, popular among gamblers. Relax and have fun, because you do not have to study the rules! To win at Keno you don't need any complicated strategies, just choose the numbers you believe in and place your bets at the right time. Your winnings depend on the result of the draw, and you can watch the whole process in full, or get an instant payout to proceed straight to the next attempt.

The basic rules of Keno

As we've already said, Keno is a lot easier than blackjack or poker, and you won't need to spend much time learning the rules. However, it is still useful to pay attention to them — because it can increase your chances of winning real money.

So, in each new game, when planning to bet, you can choose the numbers. The values vary from 1 to 80, the number — from 2 to 15, depending on the format. The more matches, the greater the winnings, and the mathematical probability is the same for each of the numbers. Results of Keno draws in New Zealand casinos are determined by licensed random number generators — like in pokies — and do not take into account the history of previous draws.

How to Win at Keno

A universal strategy for playing NZ Keno that produces results 100% of the time does not exist. The element of chance is one of the main gambling values, and here it shows itself at its best. However, there are a couple of recommendations that can help you increase your chances of winning.

First, an effective solution is to look for information about the payouts and returns of your chosen game. Random number generators have different settings, and that's something to consider! Fans of pokies know that winning combinations can fall out less often (but with higher odds) or more often (but with small winnings). This also applies to Keno, so if you are aiming for maximum results — choose options with better profits.

Secondly, many NZ online casinos offer their customers to play Keno with a progressive jackpot. This is a really interesting option, because the prize pool here is several times higher than the standard maximum odds. Want to win more than usual? Get ready to play big!

And the third advice, which is applicable to all types of gambling — have fun! Gambling is a combination of exciting gameplay and a nice cash winnings, so do not get hung up on something alone. Positive attitude attracts luck, so play only in a good mood — and the winnings will not be long.

Online Keno Payouts

If you are playing Keno at a online mobile casino no deposit bonus for the first time, take a look at the odds table to see how much money you can win. The principle is simple: the more matches, the more money, but the betting amount also changes. Proper bankroll management is an important element of gambling, so every stake counts, especially if the casino offers a choice of additional bonus options.

Generally, in most Keno lotteries the calculation of winning combinations begins with five matches. For example, a bet of one dollar and a selection of ten numbers can bring you winnings ranging from $2 (for five guesses) to $100,000 (10 out of 10). We give conditional odds, which may vary for each casino, but the general mechanics remain the same. If you wish, you can take some time and compare for yourself what the minimum deposits and maximum winnings in Keno are offered by different New Zealand gambling sites. The more favorable the terms — the higher the probability of winning real money!

By the way, since we have already talked about strategies and random number generators, another parameter is also worth highlighting. RTP, or return to the player — the value that determines an amount from the stakes that the game will return over a long distance. In the case of Keno, this is a rather curious point, because in land-based gambling halls, the standard figure ranges from 75-85%, and in online casinos it is about 95%. That is, in addition to being able to play at any time, using a smartphone or tablet, you also get a higher probability of winning. This is especially important for progressive jackpot Keno fans, so if you are one of them — welcome to New Zealand online casinos!

Mobile Keno at NZ Casinos

Choosing a Keno site these days is easy — especially if you regularly read reviews from our team of experts. As with pokies, the digital version of the popular lottery works great on modern mobile devices. Whether you're using an Android or iPhone, playing Keno for real money will be handy and comfortable.

The mobile version allows you to enjoy the game when it is convenient for you. The interface of Keno apps adapts to the size of the touch screen for easy operation, and retains all the important features that casino customers need. Using your tablet or smartphone, you can register, deposit and withdraw winnings, receive bonuses, play demo or for real money. Just a couple of touches can bring you a progressive jackpot equal to several million dollars!

Modern gambling software providers use HTML5, which makes it possible to run popular NZ casino games (including Keno, of course) on any device, regardless of brand. A wide range of entertainment and secure personal data protection technology ensures that your experience will be only positive. Just like any other games presented on online casino sites, keno lotteries are available in two versions: for real money and for free. In the first case, you will need to go through a short registration procedure, whereas for the demo version, it is usually enough to simply run the game you like. Playing the demo, new players can safely learn the rules, stakes and payouts, and find the optimal strategy for managing their bankroll in the Keno game.